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Double salary?  The number of French in Quebec may rise soon

Double salary? The number of French in Quebec may rise soon

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Sputnik France

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MIA “Rosiya Segodnya”

Sputnik France

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Quebec plans to significantly raise its immigrant rate for 2022 by providing attractive conditions for new Quebecers. A good opportunity for the French, whose country is not yet one of the leaders in the global competition for skilled labour.

The Quebec government at the end of October submitted to the National Assembly of this French-speaking province of Canada a Immigration plan to Quebec 2022.

The document provides for the reception of a record number of new immigrants on Quebec soil, a maximum of 70,500 people.

This measure is also explained by the need to “follow up on admissions that are not completed in 2020” due to the health crisis.

Quebec authorities have also announced that attracting workers is one of the priorities of their immigration plan for the coming year.

“The selection and admission targets set by the Quebec government will therefore help to meet significant labor needs in many key sectors of the economy, with economic immigration expected to account for at least 65% of the workforce. All immigration in 2022,” according to Immigration DepartmentThe French are the integration of this Canadian province.

The French eagerly awaited in Quebec

In the context of a global labor shortage, Quebec Francophones could be an interesting destination for the French, according to BFM TV.

Especially since this region of Canada offers a standard of living and reward quite similar to that of France.

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According to the media, which recalculated the official data of the Canadian authorities, the total salaries in professions such as a nurse, construction worker, electrician or boiler maker can range from 4,300 to 5,100 euros per month. Figures that could push some French citizens to cross the Atlantic Ocean to settle in The Francophone community in North America.

Switzerland is a champion in attracting talent

For the old continent, the problem of manpower, especially with regard to highly qualified personnel, remains the same as well, BFM TV continues.

According to a survey conducted by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, the “lack of qualified labor” (69%) and the “cost of labor” (53%) for employers in Luxembourg are key challenges to the post-Covid economy recovery.

In France, among the departments with the lowest unemployment rate, there are almost all those who live in Switzerland, according to the media. Its statistics can be explained by the fact that many French people can practice their professional talents in this neighboring country.

And not only the French, because the Swiss Confederation is at the head of countries 2021 Competitive Ranking On talent, it was created by the European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD) and the Portolans Institute.

Next, Singapore and the United States came at the top of this list.

a report It is noted that France’s nineteenth place in the world represents the best place in its history.

Canada ranks 13th while European countries occupy 17 places in the top 25.

Among the 155 cities around the world that were also evaluated by experts for talent competitiveness, the top five places, respectively, belong to San Francisco, Geneva, Boston, Zurich and Luxembourg.

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Paris, Lyon, Nantes and Marseille ranked 32nd, 59th, 73rd and 89th.