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"Don't wait for a vaccination": the appeal of the president of Sanofi to the reluctant French

“Don’t wait for a vaccination”: the appeal of the president of Sanofi to the reluctant French

It’s a must hear occasionally, especially in the mouths of vaccination skeptics, and it ended up pissing off the Sanofi CEO. “Don’t wait for a vaccination! – I hear some people say they’d rather wait Sanofi for vaccination. I thank those who trust Sanofi but our vaccine will not arrive for several months,” Olivier Puiglot, CEO of the French pharmaceutical company, warned on the social network LinkedIn.

“Waiting only increases the risks and prolongs the spread of the virus. Vaccines authorized by health authorities are safe and effective. They save lives, avoid the catastrophic consequences of Covid-19, and slow its spread, the great leader determines. They also save hospitals from a new wave of cases Hospitalization that is preventable, allowing them, let’s not forget, to focus on non-Covid-19 patients who need care. The coming weeks will be critical for the start of the school year in September. We all want to get out of this crisis, so I tell you responsibly Don’t wait, it’s time to vaccinate!”

“Don’t wait, it’s time to vaccinate”

This message is for latecomers, but also for vaccine resistance, who consider the French group’s vaccine more reliable than products from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson. The catch is that Sanofi’s “recombinant protein” vaccine will only be available in December. Will Olivier Bugelo’s appeal be heard by undecided or resisters? The numbers from Public Health France for the start of the school year will tell us more.

Ce lundi, le nombre des patients en soins critiques a connu une nouvelle hausse, de même que celui des admissions à l’hôpital, où la barre de 9 000 malades a été franchie pour la première fois depuis fin juin, selon pub les les evening. With 230 new critical care cases accepted within 24 hours, the number of patients in these services treating the most severe cases was 1,667, an increase of 111 from the day before. They were 1232 a week ago.

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