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Donald Trump Tests His Potential Vice Presidents

Donald Trump Tests His Potential Vice Presidents

The Republican nominee, who wants to name his presidential running mate during the party's convention in July, has begun selecting candidates, mostly senators.


Donald Trump has announced that he will announce the name of his running mate at the Republican National Convention, which begins on July 15. Meanwhile, his teams have begun the selection process by soliciting information from at least eight potential candidates — half the senators and three African-Americans.

Among them the former president often mentions Doug Bergham, The 67-year-old is serving a second term as governor of North Dakota. This good-natured conservative made his fortune after selling one of his companies to Microsoft for $1 billion. In addition to his status as a millionaire, Donald Trump appreciates his calm nature and his experience as an elected official, which reminds him of Mike Pence, the former Vice President of Indiana. That could help him appeal to moderate Republicans.

We also see Senator JD Vance from Ohio. The bearded 39-year-old Yale graduate has a career in venture capital. In 2016, he first criticized Trump.

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