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Donald Trump calls ABC host ‘disgusting’

Donald Trump attacked Alyssa Farrah Griffin, host of ABC’s “The View,” calling her “disgusting,” “a loser,” and “untrustworthy” in a message on her phone on Truth Social Saturday.

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Trump’s remarks come as the woman, who is also a contributor to the US news channel CNN, defended her television position after the broadcast of the special in which the former president was invited.

Ms Griffin said the 76-year-old lost several votes after that interview. “The Americans could see who he was: a madman who sided with Vladimir Putin,” she said.

Not appreciating his statements, the person who would try to become president again specified that “the hateful people of his party” criticized his organization several years after his departure from power in the United States. “A loser before, a loser now,” he concludes.

Donald Trump calls ABC host 'disgusting'

Screenshot via Truth Social Donald Trump

Donald Trump is now asking ABC to remove Alyssa Farrah Griffin from The View.

Earlier this month, Griffin stipulated that it was no secret that Trump had been doing inappropriate things with young female staffers during his time in the White House.

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