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Donald Trump backs off after abortion outcry

Donald Trump backs off after abortion outcry

Former US President Donald Trump sparked controversy on Tuesday by suggesting he could limit access to contraception.

Donald Trump returned to vague comments on contraception on Tuesday, after a rallying cry that illustrated the sensitivity of the reproductive rights issue in the US presidential campaign. “I have never advocated and will never advocate restrictions on contraception,” the right-wing candidate blasted in a message in capital letters on his Truth Community site. “This is a new lie, misinformation, created by the Democrats,” he added. “I don't support the abortion ban, and neither does the Republican Party!”

Earlier, local channel KDKA asked her if she supports restrictions on the right to contraception. “We are looking into it and I will make a policy on it soon,” replied the business magnate.

“Some states have different policies than others.”

Returning to the charge, Chanel said she was suggesting she could support restrictions, such as the morning after pill. Donald Trump did not directly respond to this. “Things really have a lot to do with the states, and some states are going to have different policies than others,” he said.

He then promised to reveal “a very detailed policy (…) in about a week”. The campaign team of her rival, Democratic President Joe Biden, quickly responded, accusing her of trying to “go back and crush women's liberties.”

He recalled in a statement that the Supreme Court, tipped by Trump's appointments, had struck down the constitutional guarantee of abortion rights. “If he wins a second term, it is clear that he wants to go further by restricting access to contraception and emergency contraception,” promised a spokeswoman, Sarafina Sitika.

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Trump rejected the possibility of a nationwide ban on abortion

The issue of abortion and reproductive rights in general is one of the main themes of the November presidential campaign. Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, have made this one of their main points of attack against Donald Trump.

Caught between his more conservative supporters and the observation that the ban on abortion is unpopular with many Americans, the latter recently rejected the possibility of a national ban on abortion, relegating the responsibility to the states.