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Dominique Ducharme will remain in his position until the end of the season

Dominique Ducharme will remain in his position until the end of the season

Jeff Gorton appeared in front of the media this morning without Jeff Molson. There are many things to remember, Including the fact that he wants to learn French.

But of course there is more than that. Several files have been processed by the new leader and we will discuss them over the next few hours. one thing at a time.

If there is one aspect to remember, it is the future of Dominique Ducharme.

When asked about his coach, Gorton was clear: Ducharme is the coach of the Canadians and will remain so until the end of the season.

We recall that Jeff Molson said it wasn’t his decision and he would decide the hockey guys. That’s what Gorton just did before he chose his general manager. Does GM usually say that?

So put an end to the rumors…for a few months at least.

I am not at all surprised by the decision. After all, it is not clear who can push the level big enough to change the fate of CH in 2021-2022 and it is not Ducharme’s fault that everything is going wrong at the moment.

Putting another man on him will burn him and will not be necessary. At the end of the year, Gorton and the next general manager will decide Ducharme’s fate based on the results, what he did, and the names available.

Remember that Claude Julien’s contract ($5 million a year) will expire at the end of the year. Ducharme ($1.7 million per season through 2024) would be more suited to packing, if needed.

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So it is up to him to prove himself. If he lost the respect of the veteransHe’ll have to find him if he wants to keep his job, but the slope looks too steep.


When he arrived last year, Mark Bergiveen confirmed he would finish the year and we’ll see. Arriving in town, Jeff Gorton said he would end the year and that we’d see.

Same premise, different ending?