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Dominic Ducharme was wrong - TVA Sports

Dominic Ducharme was wrong – TVA Sports

Posted today at 08:38

Updated today at 08:38

Dominic Ducharme, the Canadian coach, has decided to challenge the referee’s decision on Gates’s second goal. In a press briefing, he justified his decision by noting that his bodyguard had two sledges in his half of his circle when Birol touched his glove.

Article 69.1 of the goalkeeper handicap rule states that no goal should be allowed if the striker initiates intentional contact with the goalkeeper whether the latter is on or off his back who is running. However, accidental contact will be permitted upon a goal scoring provided that the player makes an effort to avoid contact.

When you see the streak, Jake Allen campers well in his half-circle, but his glove forward and out of the goalkeeper’s area. Perreault passes by the goalkeeper and there is an occasional contact with Allen’s glove. When you look at the camera angle from above, Perreault is clearly out of the semicircle and making an effort not to contact the goalkeeper.

To reject this goal, Perreault had to change course towards the semicircle.

It is true that at times it is more difficult to identify cases of obstruction of goalkeepers, but it was very easy to judge the position of second base aircraft, and there should not be a dispute at all.

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