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Dombasle sur Meorth.  The generational space is inaugurated in the Jardin des Poètes

Dombasle sur Meorth. The generational space is inaugurated in the Jardin des Poètes

The 3 hectares formerly owned by the Solvay factory have just opened and been transformed into a fun space between generations. An educational garden, sanctuary for hedgehogs, islands of freshness, fauna and flora, everything is there to make the place interesting.

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Before 1999 this space was already a meeting place filled with poplars that had not weathered the storm of 1999. The Solvay factory recycled 3 hectares in order to create a real friendly place for everyone. Completely transformed to become an intergenerational space, it has just opened with Mayor David Fisher, elected officials and a large audience attending for the occasion.

It is a teaching orchard planted first, and then the second planted a little higher, with hedgehogs sheltering. On site, flash QR codes allow you to discover the fauna and flora of this place a little better, created in the spirit of sustainable development. “With a policy of planting 100 trees every year, this space will be greener and greener, with paths that bring freshness. In the projects, a nursery will be set up on the roof where there is late mowing.”

“Eat vegetarian as much as possible.”

“Table tennis and games for young children will also be installed,” explains Annick Césari-Véber, Assistant Environment and Sustainable Development. “We want to make this space as green as possible. This winter we planted maple and cherry trees, narrow enough to create a shaded island of coolness. Fruit trees were also planted as well as a fruit hedge in the suburbs. Three years ago, a mix of fruit trees were planted opposite Jacques Prevert School,” adds Cedric Bedon, Head of the “Living Environment” Department.

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David Fisher was full of praise for everyone’s investment in creating a space that brings all generations together. “It’s a site with huge potential and we wanted to add space between the generations. Everything was done to make it green and to make it fun with its many mature islands, but also to make it fun for everyone. Creating a city playground for ball games, a certified 3×3 basketball court, and games for young children , pumping track, sports equipment, etc. »

€300,000 project subsidized by 70%

This is made possible in fiscal 2023, thanks to 70% support from the region and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The French Basketball Federation also paid 2,000 euros for a 3×3 court.