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Does the government give itself the means to achieve its climate ambition?

Does the government give itself the means to achieve its climate ambition?


The British government’s goal is to reach “net zero” by 2050. Net zero is when a country absorbs the greenhouse gases it emits. One of the main solutions to global warming. London may have given itself this ambition, but an independent climate group is releasing a disaster report.

With our correspondent in London, Emilin Wine

The UK government has put an end to net zero by 2050, but that is not the way to go. This is the gist of the panel’s report on climate change.

Major failure: Lack of large-scale thermal insulation policy, primary source of emissions for individuals. And the UK starts from a distance, especially with damp houses. Nevertheless, the CCC reminds us that backing up homes is the most effective way to reduce bursting electricity bills this year.

There is no strategy regarding emissions related to agriculture and the group is not condemned. And some awareness campaigns to encourage the British to change their behavior – eat less red meat, like to ride a car, fly less. The government confirmed three weeks ago that β€œthere is no intention. To take itself to environmental lobbies “.

Without a consistent strategy, the United Kingdom will not reach net zero in 25 years. Nevertheless, the CCC underscores two good points: good production of renewable energy and the promotion of electric cars.

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