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Does laughing at yourself make you feel better?

Does laughing at yourself make you feel better?

Comedian Pierre Desbruges said, “You can laugh at everything, but not with everyone.” And laugh at yourself? In other words, would you agree to ridicule yourself and thereby expose yourself to the ridicule of others? Or in such a case, are you the type to close yourself up like an oyster or even a cloak?

A link between mental health and self-deprecation?

By the way, the fear of being ridiculed by others has a name: glutophobia. Beyond that, researchers from the University of Granada in Spain looked at possible links between mental health status and the practice of self-irony. The first question: Is this rather a symptom of darkness or wellness?

Cultural differences?

Their findings seem to contradict those of previous studies which indicated that self-mocking was rather associated with negative psychological effects. As Jorge Torres Marín, lead author of this work points out, “ We noticed high scores in psychological well-being such as happiness and sociability again This is based on work carried out with 1,000 Spaniards.

But the scientist does not draw final conclusions from this: The effects of this style of humor on well-being may vary by country. In our opinion, new studies are necessary to analyze possible cultural differences in this relationship to self-irony. “.

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