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Does Chrystia Vreeland want to leave?  Anyway, Michael Sabia will leave a huge void around her…

Does Chrystia Vreeland want to leave? Anyway, Michael Sabia will leave a huge void around her…

The appointment of Michael Sabella at the helm of Hydro-Québec has yet to be confirmed by the Legault government, but it will create an important change of guard for Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland.

In Ottawa, it is known that Mr.I Vreeland relies heavily on the presence of Michael Sabella. A minister and a deputy minister talk to each other regularly, but in the case that concerns us, we have a discussion about every hour.

Thus the Minister of Finance, who has no indefinite experience in the economic field, relies heavily on the advice of the one who presided over the Caisse de Depot et placement in Quebec.

Obviously, this departure will create a huge void and raise many questions about the future of M.I free land


Could the deputy prime minister be the next to leave Ottawa?

For months, rumors have swirled. Many observers see mI Freeland as President of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

However, two factors work against MI Ferland.

First, the general secretary always comes from Europe. Secondly, since Canada is not living up to its obligations to NATO, the Deputy Prime Minister does not have a very good track record in this regard.

In the short term, there will be no federal elections. But we can think that Justin Trudeau will want a reshuffle at the end of the summer.

Shuffling the cards

A few of the players on his ministry team will never run again and a few of the members deserve to be demoted.

The departure of the finance minister would greatly shake the cards, but it also presents an opportunity for Mr. Trudeau

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The Liberal government is clearly at a loss, having been mired in the story of Chinese intervention for months now.

Luckily for the liberals, the election is not around the corner unless Jagmeet Singh wakes up and stops supporting his wedding partner.