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Documents found at Joe Biden’s home | White House accuses Republicans of ‘hypocrisy’

(Washington) On Tuesday, the White House accused Republicans of “hypocrisy” over classified documents found at Joe Biden’s home, vowing to cooperate with elected members of Congress only on requests for information made in “good faith.”

“Their anger is pure theater,” said Ian Sams, the president’s spokesman, in an exchange with reporters about the findings, which are deeply embarrassing for the president of the United States.

After being leaked to the media, the White House last week acknowledged that files from Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president from 2009 to 2017 were found in one of its former offices in Washington and at his home in Wilmington (Delaware, E).

The case is embarrassing because Democrats have not hesitated to criticize former Republican President Donald Trump, who was targeted by a Justice Department investigation for keeping boxes full of documents when he left Washington in 2021.

To calm suspicions of “double standards,” the Justice Department on Thursday handed over investigations of Joe Biden’s files to an independent special counsel, as it did for Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, the Republican opposition condemned the administration’s trickle-down approach. Using his slim majority in the House of Representatives, he launched a parliamentary inquiry and demanded more information.

“We have had some letters from the chairman of the Administrative Oversight Commission on this matter,” admitted Ian Sams. “We are studying these letters and will take a decision in due course”.

“We will respond in good faith, but we expect the elected representatives of Congress to show the same good faith” and “we will condemn any widespread hypocrisy that shows the lack of credibility of these demands,” he added. .

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According to him, Republicans are “feigning outrage while defending the former president’s actions”. “They chose to do a political stunt.”

The spokesman urged Joe Biden to cooperate with justice, while his predecessor refused to return his archives, so federal police officers had to raid his Florida home this summer.

For the rest, Ian Sams took refuge behind the secrecy of the judicial inquiry to refuse to answer specific questions from journalists.