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Do you know ? There is a shortcut to start updating Android apps faster

It is possible to save time when updating Android applications, thanks to a shortcut that allows you to start downloading faster.

owners a android smartphoneRejoice: There’s a way to save time when updating apps. Not that it will allow you to download them faster, but you will have to perform fewer actions on the screen to retrieve new versions. And no one wants to waste time browsing menus.

Here are the steps to follow.

Start updating Android apps faster

  • Show the screen of your Android smartphone and find the “Play Store” app;
  • Long press your finger on the app and select “My Apps” when a pop-up menu appears;
  • Click Update All (or Show Details if you want to make a case-by-case decision);
  • That’s it !
It’s very simple! // source: screenshot

Note that updates are usually downloaded automatically when the smartphone is connected Wireless and upload it to the sector. Note that, in comparison, the classic way is to tap on the “Play Store” app, then on the account thumbnail, then “Manage apps and device,” then “Update all.” This is the shortcut here.

This trick may already be known by professional phone users, but maybe not everyone knows it. There are other ways to make more effective use of your smartphone. for example, View Street View and Maps at the same timeAnd Share your Wi-Fi codeAnd Show hidden functions in applications where Place the cursor correctly in the word.

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Source: Google

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