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Do you know of the National Synegetic and Scientific Citizen Observatory?

To participate in the conservation of migratory species by adopting a responsible and sustainable logic, and by answering questions that arise, the National Association for the Defense of Traditional Thrush Hunting and the Mediterranean Institute for Hunting and Fauna Heritage created in 2010 the Citizen Scientific Observatory on Migration and Wintering of Migrants from Righteousness

What do migratory birds do, where do migratory flows pass, do migration periods evolve, and are different species threatened…? These are some of the questions posed by the two entities that decided in 2010 to create the Scientific Observatory for Hunting European Nationals.

Since 2010, the National Cynegetic and Scientific Citizen Observatory Team (IMPCF and ANDCTG) has been analyzing the database collected by members of the volunteer observers in order to extract the main findings obtained and pass them on to the participants as well. For fishing authorities (FDC – FRC – FNC).

For 12 years, these findings have been the result of the contribution of French fishermen to participatory and citizen science, which is now developing in many other areas.

For the 2021/2022 season, i.e. from May 2021 to the end of March 2022, the results are based on 2,628 hours of observations distributed over 10 administrative regions, 19 departments and 68 municipalities.

We hope that their number will increase to strengthen these databases, which are no longer needed to prove their usefulness. One can imagine the number of birds that could be observed if the number of participants were simply multiplied by 10 or more simply if at least 10 observers were active per section and therefore per county hunting association.

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More information on the Observatory website: