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Do you eat a lot of sugar and fatty products?  Maybe you lack sleep

Do you eat a lot of sugar and fatty products? Maybe you lack sleep

  • Do you often want to eat sugar or fat?
  • Your body may be telling you that you are not getting enough sleep.
  • This is the conclusion of two specialists

Many French people complain about the poor quality of their sleep. Too much sleep, non-restorative sleep, too few hours of sleep… It can be very difficult to live with the consequences. in interview to Madame Figaro, two professionals returned to this crucial topic for all human beings. This was revealed by Philippe Beaulieu, a sleep doctor at Henri Mondor Hospital in Paris, and chronobiology specialist Claire Leconte Signs from our bodies tell us that we are lacking sleep.

Do you want to take a nap during the day? You lack sleep

When you struggle to get out of bed, sometimes A good hot shower allows us to prolong the benefits of heat. Yes, but this sensation, so soothing, slows down our pace. “Our biological clock works so that our core temperature rises when we wake up. After insomnia, this process starts less quickly in the morning and we will need hot water to bring everything back to normal.” Chronobiologist Claire Leconte points out. Another sign that your body lacks sleep: you feel very tired during the day and want to get some rest. “Yawning is an action/reaction mechanism in relation to the brain that reacts depending on the environment we are in: boredom, hunger or sleep.”trusts chronobiologist Claire Leconte.

Your cravings for sugar and fat increase when you don’t sleep

So, if we constantly feel this need for sleep, we suffer from it “Excessive daytime sleepiness “Your body, when it is tired, will also tend to crave fat and sugar. “Disturbed sleep leads to an imbalance in the secretion of hormones that control appetite.” Determines Dr. Philip Beaulieu. But be careful, these sugar cravings are not without consequences. “American studies have shown that the obesity epidemic in the United States comes not only from fast food, but also from disruption of biological rhythms.” Sleep Doctor Highlights. Another result: you often suffer from headaches: “Lack of sleep excites a group of nerves and nerve cells in the brain that can cause a rather unpleasant headache.” notes chronobiologist Claire Leconte.

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You are often in a bad mood

you all He feels pain In your body but your last exercise session was several weeks ago? You are sleep deprived. “At night the whole body rests to replenish its tissues. On the other hand, if the muscles do not relax, the muscle tension that occurred the previous day will inevitably continue until the next day. Sleep doctor Philippe Beaulieu confirms. Finally, your brain is also affected by lack of sleep. Your emotions will reflect your non-restorative sleep. “Dreams are an important safety valve to evacuate all our subconsciousness during paradoxical sleep.”Chronobiologist Claire Leconte explains.