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Do you drink cola a lot? This new study will make you want to quit smoking immediately!

Posted before Quentin On April 18, 2021 at 9:48 am

Coca-Light fans, this will make you think. According to a French study, “Diet” drinks Bad for your heart like Sugary drinks Like Coca-Cola. If you think you only need to drink a light Coca-Cola instead of the classic version Hassan Health, you are wrong !

Diet Coca-Cola is also dangerous to your health

So-called diet drinks like Diet Cola or Coca-Cola often have a strong selling point in consumer sales: soft drinks, which will reduce Calorie and sugar consumption. The problem is, it is totally Fu !

In fact, based on this scientific study, it has been proven that artificial sweeteners weaken the body’s metabolism. Hence, it increases the rate of sugar absorption. Eloy Chazelas, A. Researcher The French said on this subject: Higher consumption of sugary drinks and artificially sweetened drinks is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, suggesting that artificial sweeteners may not be a healthy alternative to sugary drinks.A somewhat disturbing fact when we learn that thousands of people are consuming the lighter versions, thinking it is better for their health …

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Study for 10 years

Researchers at Sorbonne University classified people into three categories, based on their consumption of sugary drinks: non-consumers, young consumers, and heavy consumers. The drinks are divided into two distinct categories: sweet (5% sugar or more(Or artificially sweet)Less than 5% sugar).

The result is amazing. In fact, the study found that consumers Diet drinks Exactly low in sugar The same risk Heart disease Of those who drank drinks with a high sugar content. Increase by about 20% Compared to those who drank tea, water or coffee. In order not to be there No difference Between sugary drinks and soft versions …

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So far, no conclusions have been reached, but the results of this study remain deeply troubling.

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