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Do you believe in ghosts?  |  Montreal Magazine

Do you believe in ghosts? | Montreal Magazine

Martin St-Louis walks into the Canadiens locker room and the players are sure to sit back and start putting on his gear. I’m just exaggerating. St. Louis retired for seven years, but his DNA is the player’s identity. He did not pass through the “machine” for the manufacture of buses. He learns on the job by building his actions on his reactions as a player.

And it works. It works because St-Louis has an extraordinary strength of character. Cow’s cheese Nobody offered anything on a silver platter to Martin St. Louis. Not even the Canadian who gave him a “trial” of 37 games behind the bench.

During his career, the young striker had to work hard. He had to swallow his pills every so often in the face of the blatant grievances he had paid for. But St. Louis persevered.

“No team designed to hunt me? I don’t care! I’ll find a place for myself with a pickaxe and then a shovel…”

Nobody wants Martin St. Louis. Yet he has won three Stanley Cups, Hart, Art Ross, Lester B Pearson, and Lady Bing. He is a member of the Hall of Fame. And this list of awards owes it to one person: himself!

Vincent Locavalier

archive photo

Vincent Locavalier

like a rocket

He owes it to his perseverance, determination and flexibility. He owes it to his perseverance, his confidence bordering on arrogance. He is also indebted to his talent.

Exactly like Maurice Richard. Coach Dick Irvine exclaimed, I want the missile In the dressing room. He understood that without Morris, the Canadian would not win. The process of getting to know Mauritius was a long and tortuous process. He was one of many. But there was something more in his eyes. These two balls are deep black marble. Anger is well directed.

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Vincent Le Cavalier dreamed of a job. Tall and strong, Prince of El Bezard had everything going for him and knew how to handle it well. Deal Total, recruiters and general managers dream about it. Lightning had the opportunity to make him the first choice for the 1998 amateur auction. Vincent was a Pride of Lower St. Lawrence for two seasons with the Océanic of the late Maurice Tangway.

Stanley Cup winner, and also deserving of the Maurice Richard and King Clancy Awards. The 2001 FIFA World Cup MVP At just 21 years old, he is an honorary member of the Hall of Fame.

The grace and elegance of Vincent. Attractiveness and presence. His number 4. Everything by Lecavalier remembers the great Jean Bellevue.

The game of hockey as it is today, Martin St. Louis and Vincent Le Cavalier have never played in Canadian uniforms. The first is the lack of vision from management. The second is because the team did not have the crafting privilege at the first level.

But their access to the hockey organizational chart is good. They are somewhat similar to the reincarnation of Maurice Richard and Jean Bellevue. Do you believe in ghosts?

Inflation from heart

CH . practice

Photo archive, Pierre-Paul Paulin

In CF Montreal. In an atmosphere worth 30,000 spectators, the 13,000 attendees were right. What a presentation by eleven Montreal residents. Wilfried Nancy He chose not to play the glute and it paid off. Taking a 3-0 lead, he delighted the fans by introducing Kee Kamara into the match. I really like coach Nancy and CF Montreal. It’s time for the Ultras to love them again.

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kick Mouth

To the Government of Quebec, the City of Montreal, and the Mercier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Region. Joey Saboto has deep pockets. Far from begging, he is waiting for the licenses to renovate his gorgeous garden to standards thus ensuring that Montreal remains in the Major League Soccer. Madam Secretary Proulx, It is up to you to show leadership in this file without delay.

Little 2 in…

Canadian win fifth in a row tonight over Senators. A hockey player always plays to win. Or to be traded, which with the right understanding is the same thing, think Jeff Petrie. Martin St. Louis Just love it, victory. Including the process of making it happen. Let’s take advantage of the renewed and invested club. Too bad for Shane Wright…