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Do superheroes have a religion?

Do superheroes have a religion?

Is Iron Man Buddhist? Does Tony Stark worship Vishnu? Is Captain America a Jehovah’s Witness or a Raelian? Is the temple orthodox or Protestant Jew? Is Wolverine an atheist or a mutant werewolf atheist?

I don’t know and frankly I don’t care. We have no idea giving Dean to a fictional character, come on!

However, yes, some push their desire for inclusion and diversity that far.

In a teaser trailer released yesterday, Disney announced the launch of a series about Marvel’s first Muslim superhero for the month of June. Or rather, a Muslim heroine who wears the hijab when she prostrates in the mosque…

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Heaven will help you

The character of Mrs. Marvel is already on paper in Marvel’s “comics”. But now it appears on the screen.

In this new Disney + limited series Mrs. MarvelWhich will air starting June 6, we follow Kamala Khan, 16, an American of Pakistani descent. She lives in New Jersey and has difficulty in her “high school” because she is different from the others, “eccentric” as she puts it.

Her life changes completely when she discovers supernatural powers.

She is passionate about superheroes, she says. In the trailer, we see Kamala at school, where others mispronounce her Arabic name, and then in the mosque, where she was veiled like all her brothers in faith and where she prostrated during prayer. Women on one hand and men on the other.

This high-profile announcement of a series about Marvel’s first Muslim heroine has sparked a lot of talk.

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Comedian Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk in the Marvel Universe, has praised the franchise on social media, saying it reflects “the world we live in.”

Dear Hulk, how can I tell you…

Superheroes don’t exist, superpowers don’t exist, and the green giants who rip their shirts off when they get angry don’t exist. So how does a non-existent superhero (but whose religious beliefs we know) reflect “the world we live in”?

Seeing a superhero prostrating in a mosque is as ridiculous as seeing the Temple roaming with Yarmalek. Or if we saw Captain America in a turban.

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I can’t imagine Black Widow singing Hare Krishna dancing in a long orange dress before she dons a bodycon jumpsuit to go save the world.

And how can we think that we wouldn’t start laughing if we saw other superheroes, outside of the Marvel universe, like Spiderman or Batman… taking the sacrament while eating a host?

Why is it appropriate that you tell us what the character’s beliefs are… especially when this character is only 16 years old!

Will we be told whether superhero movie characters are Republicans or Democrats? No, of course, because we wouldn’t find it relevant…

Avengers in the church?

Admit it, it’s still ridiculous: fictional characters believe in an imaginary friend, a gifted deity…superpowers!