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Do Luca's hours in OD in the West count?

Do Luca’s hours in OD in the West count?

We recently spoke with Jenny, the most recent one she was left out ofOD in the WestWe asked her why she and the other girls in Adventure 2 would have killed Luca if they had the chance. It must be said that this is what she revealed to the boys during her elimination.

« When I said we want to eliminate a guy, in a relationship or not, I didn’t even mention Luca, it was the guys who mentioned his name ‘You say first.’ Then it wasn’t featured in the edit, but the guys said they wanted to remove it, too. It was interesting to know. »

« I don’t necessarily know their motives, but for our part, Luca said something in his confession that hurt Audrey a lot. ‘, trust us. This moment would not have appeared on the broadcast.

Soon we felt we were on a slippery slope, and the interviewer replied: “ Luca might answer that question one day when he comes out. Our curiosity sparked!

It has to be said that in the party snippets shown to us after Thursday’s episode, Luca appears to be particularly shocked. so he throws” shut up, nick » Too sharp to admit. At the same party, Audrey and Sabrina will give us a face-to-face movie worthy of a teen movie. Watch it all here.

Since the deliberations revealed only relate to Adventure 2, we can imagine Luca won’t be leaving on Sunday. although double occupation, everything is possible! Continued!

Remember that Jenny is entitled to a private clip in Extra OD. Find out more here.

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