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Djokovic does not know if the change of regime will allow him to play in Australia again

Djokovic does not know if the change of regime will allow him to play in Australia again

Roland Carros,

The Roland Kross Of Novak Djokovic Didn’t go too bad, thanks to him. With no matches after the first half of the season due to not being vaccinated, the Serbian has yet to leave a set, and it was not friend Beden who messed up his hair at Lenglen (6-) on Friday. 3, 6-3, 6-2 in 2 hours, Thanksgiving).

In short, World No. 1 was in a very good mood in front of the press, and when Novak was in a good mood he wanted to give biscuits to the press. Thus, he spoke in detail about his former coach Boris Becker. Sentenced to imprisonment For tax evasion, he did not blink as we continued the fate of the unfortunate refugees who had sadly shared a few days. Before being deported from Australia :

“I’m very glad to know they were released because I know it was a very difficult experience, especially for those who have been staying for nine years. I only stayed there for a week. I can not imagine how they felt for nine years. They did nothing wrong. They are nine asylum seekers, they are nine. Stayed there for years! I do not understand why. In this situation, in their favor, I am very happy that this decision was made because they have another chance in other countries. ⁇

The regime change in Australia was re-launched, which could open the doors of the country to him next year, and Djokovic was wary when he was banned in principle for three years. But he did not hide the fact that he was dying: “I heard the news, but I do not know if my visa will be approved again or if I can come back to Australia. I want to come back and playAustralian Open Round. I have no shortage. Whatever it was, but if I had the chance to play again at the Australian Open, the biggest win in Grand Slam matches, I would love to go back. ⁇

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