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Au Royaume-Uni, il faut savoir qu

Divorce in the UK, how does it work?

Our Suggestions – Divorce may be a better choice in the UK for reasons of cost but UK judges are “generous” with wives. But how does starting a practice like this on this page of the channel work in practice?

The Divorce Not an easy decision to make, but when you are a foreigner London, Things can get more complicated. Whether you are a Franco-French or Franco-British couple, you can start it Divorce On both sides of the channel.

However, the England A few months ago, before the UK left the European Union, there was talk of a “Eurostar divorce”. Competition between lawyers of both parties to determine whether this law is determined by France or the United Kingdom in the interests of their client.

Today, the question no longer arises because the English courts would no longer have the obligation to rely on the French courts and vice versa if they were first seized. Lee Figaro Educate yourself to understand better

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