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District 31 web team answers a question asked regularly

District 31 web team answers a question asked regularly

. web team District 31 I decided to create a new clip called “Spread the Word”. In these frequent posts, you’ll answer questions and comments that are often production-oriented.

This week, she’s responding to those who can’t afford to steal her “punches” with photos and quotes from episodes shared via the show’s official account.

« The only common listening moment known to the production is live listening. We can’t manage social media given Paul is listening in batches on Thursday, Julie 30 minutes into the air, and Jean-Marie has just started season two. longer valid. We have to go back to each post and remove the mention. The easiest way, if you didn’t listen to the episode live, is to come back to social media later, after listening. You can also turn off notifications you receive from our page. Ask yourself, how long was it necessary to wait for the publication of Sebastien Delorme’s message, and that of Genevieve Brouillette, to avoid revealing something to those who didn’t listen to the episode live? One hour, three hours, two days? »

well said!

Netizens are very active on ‘s Facebook page District 31. They share their impressions and expectations. Their latest hypothesis concerns the replacement of Stéphane Pouliot. Read it all here.

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