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District 31: Luke Dion's only remorse

District 31: Luke Dion’s only remorse

Luc Dion could be proud: finalist District 31 He’ll have Quebec talking this summer. Whether at barbecues or on the lower floors. But in an interview, the author reveals that he regrets one thing regarding the outcome …

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(Whistleblower alert: if you haven’t finished Season 5 yet, stop reading right away!) If he can go back and rewrite 600e For half an hour rich in twists and turns, Luke Dion won’t eliminate Patricia Ledoux. Anne Casabon defended this grumpy and gangster terrorist with courage, quickly finding herself on the carpet when the Special Squad lands to rescue Jean Briere (Jeff Bodrell) Thursday evening.

For the past two weeks, the actress has stunned the writer so much that he would have kept her in police drama credits for so long.

“When I watched the episode, it hurt a lot because of it[Anne Casabonne] abnormal. She is a very talented actress. I could have done it for a year with her. “

“You will all understand.”

Luke Dion, reached by phone, said he had written definitively District 31 Instinctively. His reaction when sent to Fabien La Roche? “It’s not my best, but it works!”

“It’s a feature of the creators: we are never satisfied,” he comments.

Some answers compared to the last two minutes of work? Regarding the comeback of Yannick Dupu (Patrice Godin), this narcissistic psychopath who has persisted escort Imprisoned in his tiny home, Luke Dion asks viewers to take their problems patiently. The situation will be clarified in September. “The story will continue. You will all understand.”

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As for the sudden return of Emily Pirobi, alias Miss BBQ (Charlotte Legault), the author is more talkative. the previous-escort Will assist Melissa Corbel (Brigitte Paquette) at Daniel Chayason (Gildor Roy) corner in the murder case of Christian Vanove.

Amelie has always said that she overheard conversations when she was staying with Laurent Clotter [Patrick Labbé]. When it arrives, it’s the fireworks that will make everything explode. “

A ‘very difficult’ year

Due to Coronavirus, the fifth season of District 31 Writing proved “extremely difficult”, as Luc Dion reveals. Although we notice less and less distance on the screen, the author constantly thinks about it while writing.

” This is harsh. There are a lot of things I don’t do, like Noelle [Catherine St-Laurent] And Patrick [Vincent Guillaume Otis]. »

Despite this sleepy love affair, the crime drama ratings continue to rise. According to Numéris, the series has garnered an average of 1,801,000 viewers since September, an increase of 32,000 compared to the 2019-2020 calendar.

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