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Distribution center closure: Thirty Sherbrooke jobs lost

Distribution center closure: Thirty Sherbrooke jobs lost

The COOP Alentour Distribution Center in Sherbrooke will finally cease its activities and close its doors on March 31st.

The Montreal company Satao, which was going to acquire it, decided to back off. The decision fell through earlier this week.

So thirty workers will lose their jobs. If there is any consolation, it is that this closure is taking place at a time when businesses in Sherbrooke are competing for workers.

Satau, one of Quebec’s largest distributors of organic products, purchased the inventory and nearly 200 brands distributed by COOP at the start of the year.

The group ultimately decided against acquiring the center, preferring to move distribution operations back to their headquarters in Montreal.

In December, COOP Alentour announced a restructuring of its business model, closing its La grande ruche store to focus its activities on Avenue Jean-Paul Perrault.

Of the 60 employees who worked in the distribution center four months ago, there are only 30 left today. Five people will remain with the Satao Group.

Employees who met at the site told TVA Nouvelles that they had mixed feelings.

Many have already found a new job, but older people who have already reached retirement age said they wanted to take the time to think about their future.

Put up for sale just a few days ago, the building on Boulevard Industriel is already generating a lot of interest. Many potential buyers are interested in the 25,000 square foot warehouse.