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Disney is planning a roller coaster whose cars take a sleigh ride

Disney is planning a roller coaster whose cars take a sleigh ride

Do you think Le Monstre de La Ronde is scary? Buckle up your tok, because Disney is working on a carousel project that will blow your hair out.

According to informed sources healthAn entertainment company wants to design a roller coaster whose cars are part of the ride in the air.

In other words, while descending at high speed, the carriages would slide from one rail to the other, without any safety net.

Walt Disney must turn in his grave.

An ambitious Disney project

Even for an animation, this is overkill. Imagine reality.

But engineers take this crazy idea seriously. In fact, it was reported that Walt Disney’s Imagination division had just filed a patent confirming the nature of this ambition. Officials are especially careful to protect the fruits of research already done, in case they decide to move from theory to reality.

How can you be sure that after the trolleys are pushed into the void, the trolleys will land in the right place on the other steel rails, every time, and without derailing? Herein lies the challenge.

According to a midwife expert Mouse Trap Newsthe speed must be absolutely constant, regardless of the weather conditions, the total weight of the users and all other factors that can affect the speed, even the slightest.

Image is for reference only, but it does give us an idea (Credit: RocketJump/Youtube via Mouse Trap News)

No promises were made. However, if such a flight eventually sees the light of day, it will not be operational before 2030, it is said. We think the calculations will have to be done and rebuilt, just like the tests on rails, if we go that far.

For now, details about the famous patent and the studies in progress are kept strictly confidential.

If Mickey Mouse himself promised you that it was safe to ride, would you dare to ride the roller coaster that performs jump In a void in the middle of the road?

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