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Discover the Connected Game Boy that Nintendo abandoned

Discover the Connected Game Boy that Nintendo abandoned

20 years ago, Nintendo planned to offer accessory software on the Game Boy Color, under the name Page Boy.

Emails, Internet searches, as well as live broadcasts may already be on your Game Boy Color. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to try it in parallel with games like Mario due to the project being cancelled. Even if the project is already buried underground, it will be interesting to discover its history.

Page Boy: Latest Technology for Game Boy Color

Journalist Liam Robertson rediscovered the Page Boy concept for Game Boy Color (see video above).

When the technology boom was in its infancy, the idea was to improve Access to information via wireless transmission technology. Searching the web, reading magazines, the weather reportAnd sports scores as well as live TV broadcasts would have been possible on Game Boy Color.

L ‘Sending a Message And communication between owners of the same consoles was also possible. The researcher had hoped to manipulate radio waves to do so.


A project with high potential…

Robertson reveals in his video Pictures and details From the Page Boy Project about Game Boy Color and its fate. To do this, talk to the people who worked on it at the time.

After meeting with Nintendo of America in 1999, the company was very confident in Page Boy, according to reports. For the next 3 years, Nintendo collaborated with Wizard. This is a specially trained team to manage the system. The goal was to see how far it could develop, before it was finally abandoned in 2002.

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In fact, Big Boy had to get in big trouble. totally rely on radio fields border which only existed in a few parts of the world. This situation led to a significant decrease in the number of customers, which directly led to the decrease. According to Liam, Nintendo told him that the secret to the Game Boy’s success was universality, which is not the case with the hardware.

One may ask what is it converts Today if this technology can work.