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Discover Luc Bô’s cultural space in Huê | tourism

Huê (VNA) – The Luc Bô Cultural Space allows visitors to discover many traditional Huê handicrafts, including making paper flowers, conical hats, and paintings. This site also offers the culinary specialties of the royal court.

Discover Luc Bo's cultural space in Hue hinh anh 1Luc Bô Space Cultural Park. Photo: VOV

The Luc Bô cultural space is located at 79 Nguyên Chi Diêu Street, in the Thuân Thành district, and is part of the former royal castle of Huê. It was, in fact, an administrative monument under six ministries of the Nguyen dynasty (1884-1945): Interior (Bô Lai), Finance (Bô Hô), Rites (Bô Lê), Military Affairs (Bô Binh), Justice (Bô Hình) and Works General (Bô Công).

After the fall of the last royal dynasty in Vietnam in 1945, this site was abandoned for 60 years before being managed by the Preservation Center of the Old Royal Castle of Hue. A major restoration campaign, which took place in 2015, transformed the time-damaged monument into a beautiful cultural space.

“The central area is dedicated to traditional crafts. Here, visitors are invited to learn from artisans how to make traditional handicrafts: conical hats, kites, lanterns, especially paper flowers. To make lotus, for example, you have to prepare the pink and green leaves,” said local guide Nhu Quynh. “Every flower needs nine petals.”

Discover Luc Bo's cultural space in Hue hinh anh 2Making conical caps. Photo:

The profession of making conical felt hats appeared in Huê about 300 years ago. Thanks to the exceptional expertise retained by the artisans, each product is light and thin, yet highly resistant, illustrating the charm of the women of Huê in particular and Vietnam in general. Between the two layers of leaves that make up the hat are inserted poems and inscriptions.

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“It was my grandmother who passed on this knowledge to me. Bamboo is used to make the frame of the conical hat, which is then covered with padmir or lattaner leaves. These leaves are plucked from the forest, and undergo several stages of processing and pressing to extract and flatten the chlorophyll,” states Nguyen Thi Jay, of An Luu Village, which specializes in making conical hats.

Visitors are also invited to sample the specialties bestowed by the imperial court in the past. These are tea, alcohol and cake.

There are four types of royal tea, each of which contains several components: flowers, medicinal plants and fruits. It enables consumers to cool down their bodies, detoxify, and sleep better, Nhu Quynh said.

In the Luc Bô cultural space, visitors are guaranteed to enjoy beautiful memories. Come very much! – VOV / VNA