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Discover Jake Allen's assistant in waivers?

Discover Jake Allen’s assistant in waivers?

Samuel Montemboldt and Cayden Primo are currently vying for the second guard position for the Montreal Canadiens behind Jake Allen, while Kevin Boleyn is trying to earn points.

That’s the net worth for Habs at boot camp.

Last Saturday, Primo was in the crosshairs of the Senators when they came back from behind to win 5-4. However, CH retained a two-goal lead.

Is the young man ready to step into the role of goalkeeper 1b? His performance in Ottawa is a reminder that the 23-year-old goalkeeper still has some learning to do at Laval and that he must gain confidence.

“There’s a two-goal lead in Saturday’s game and he’s losing the game. This guy is going to have to put himself together,” journalist Renaud Lavoie on Monday hammered into GC. I’ll be very honest with you. Except for the injury, he shouldn’t return to Montreal for this season.

“He should be playing in the MLS all. I don’t know. It might be me and I might talk through my hat…But, right now, why don’t I get a goalkeeper on concessions?”

According to Renaud Lavoie, not only is Primeau immature enough in the role of second goalkeeper, he is not ready to be third in the hierarchy.

“This issue has to be (settled). Goalkeeper No. 3 doesn’t have a big camp at the moment…”

Above, see Renaud Lavoie’s column, “La Mise en échau” in “JIC”.

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