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Discover Courtney Sherwell's incredible finds in Australia!  🌟

Discover Courtney Sherwell's incredible finds in Australia! 🌟

Accomplished Australian cycle racer Courtney Sherwell has an impressive list of gravel wins in Australia, including a win at Dirty Varney in 2022, a UCI Gravel World Series win at Beechworth in 2023 and a win on the new Uncorked Gravel this year. race, but now it's time for him to step into the international gravel scene in America.

The 35-year-old from Bendigo is preparing to compete in his first race in the Belgian Waffle Ride's Triple Crown series, becoming one of many Australians to challenge new opponents among the world's best in the discipline.

“America is leading the way in gravel events, which is something I wanted to experience given my love of gravel and my performance on this terrain,” Shurwell told CyclingNews after his win during the gravel race at Sutton Grange Winery. – Uncorked, near Bendigo last month.

Sherwell is part of a group of Australians who will line up in Arizona on March 2 for the first event of the Belgian Waffle Ride of the Triple Crown series. Among them we find, in particular, the Australian gravel champion Connor Sens and Gravellista and Cassia Boglio, who won stages in the Seven. It is clear that the appeal of gravel racing in Australia is growing, and is encouraging more riders to compete internationally.

In addition to the Triple Crown, Sherwell plans to compete in the True Grid Gravel Epic in Utah and the Sea Otter Gravel in California before returning to Australia at the end of April. His international ambitions don't stop there, as he plans to return to the US in 2025 to compete in new events.

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Results for the ride have come quickly since taking to the gravel, showing consistency in his performances near the top of the rankings. In addition to his success at Dirty Varney in 2022, he finished second in 2023, showing a reliable ability to excel over longer distances, a sure asset for his participation in American events.

Sherwell also distinguished herself in the UCI Gravel World Series, reaching the podium in all three appearances at the Australian events of the series. The events serve as qualifiers for this year's UCI Gravel World Championships in Belgium and the Victorian cyclist hopes to represent Australia in the elite category in the race for the rainbow jersey in October.

If all goes well, the gravel adventure for Cherwell will continue in 2025, with new challenges to face in the US. His goal is to compete in some of the races he considered when applying for the Lifetime Grand Prix, with the flexibility to choose the ones that suit him best.

This new approach should keep the adventure alive and have positive results.