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Discover Alabama, USA in June

Discover Alabama, USA in June

Formerly known as the land of the developed south because of slavery and its highly conservative policies, Alabama has taken on a new face in the past thirty years: a touristy and welcoming state with heavenly beaches and wildlife.

Alabama has a subtropical climate that is harsh inland in the summer, but very pleasant along the Gulf of Mexico coast. Spring is stormy season, violent and sometimes producing hurricanes. From June onwards, weather conditions begin to calm down, although some strong storms are still possible. The average temperature in Mobile in June is 31°C in the afternoon and 23°C in the morning. But the maximum, during this time, varies from 10 to 39 degrees Celsius. In this tropical region, it often rains in the afternoon and the humidity in the air is high. People who are very sensitive, or suffer from respiratory ailments, may find it difficult to stay there throughout the May-September period. In the water, the temperature is pleasant throughout the year. In June, swim at a temperature of 28-29 degrees Celsius.

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Luxurious beaches and wildlife

Mobile is often the main host city for tourists: located north of the Gulf of Mexico on the bay of the same name, Mobile is the starting point for many cultural or scenic tours. The most popular beaches in the region are located about 85 km away: Gulf Beaches and Orange Beach, with luxurious white sand and turquoise waters.

Popular year-round, these beaches are packed with water activities for the whole family. If beach volleyball is the locals' favorite after-work activity, diving in the area is a must: the translucent waters allow you to explore the Lulu, a shipwrecked cargo ship located at a depth of 15 meters.

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Gulf Coasts

Nature lovers will find plenty of parks and reserves to admire wildlife: Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuary, in Mobile Bay, brings together 347 species of birds. Various cruises offered to tourists in the warm waters of the bay are an opportunity to observe dolphins and sharks (which also appreciate the warmth of the water), even though it is designated as the “official state animal”. Be warned, however, because not all wildlife is necessarily welcome: crocodiles, snakes and vipers are also quite common.

Boat enthusiasts, don't miss the opportunity to visit the 72-meter wooden schooner Joshua sailing in Mobile Bay: the “Official Ship of the State of Alabama.” Can be chartered to private vessels.

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