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Discover 6 psychological tricks from the supermarket

Like any responsible business, supermarkets have studied their customers’ behavior, and often use these tips.

1. One way doors

Entrance doors to grocery stores are usually one-way. Once inside, in fact, there is no question of turning back. The customer, of course, is not imprisoned, but must, in order to get the exit, follow a certain path – sometimes lined with special offers.

2. Number of first impressions!

Many grocery stores welcome their customers with flowers. According to CNN, the idea is to tell consumers that they’ve just reached “the sweet, happy place.”

4. The Milky Way

Have you ever stopped at the grocery store to buy a pint of milk? You will then know that this food is rarely found at the entrance to a trade and, in fact, is almost always at the bottom.

Along the way, it may tempt the consumer with other products.

5. Central corridor

CNN reports that the central aisles where branded goods are located are the most profitable.

This is why products such as cereal and coffee are placed in the central aisle.

However, they are frequently placed in the center of this aisle, so that customers, no matter which direction they go, will be exposed to as many products as possible.

6. Fill it up!

Shopping carts have doubled in size in a few decades. Smaller ones are often hard to find.

According to CNN, this strategy is voluntary, because when humans are responsible for a hole, they psychologically need to fill it.