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Disclosure of the report on transportation regulation: Gilles Lhuillier will be absent from Quebec

Disclosure of the report on transportation regulation: Gilles Lhuillier will be absent from Quebec

Gilles Lhuillier will be on vacation in France for the entire next week starting on June 10, at the same time that the Caisse de dépôt et dépôt du Québécois Infra (CDPQi) will present its highly anticipated report on mobility in the national capital to the mayors of the region's two municipalities before unveiling it to the general public. The municipal opposition in Lévis regrets this absence.

The mayor of Lévis has already been in Caen, France, for a few days. At the invitation of the local authorities, he will participate until tomorrow, Saturday, in the 80th anniversary commemoration ceremonyH Anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy.

But the newspaper learned that Gilles Lhuillier will extend his stay in France until Saturday, June 15. “He is continuing (his trip) personally to follow up on the mission. The vacation has already been planned for a very long time,” he added. His press secretary, Alexandre Boudreau Forge, who is also in Caen, explained that he would be available to view the report and comment on it afterwards.

Default participation

CDPQi is obligated to disclose its report to Mayor Marchand and LeHoullier before it is published. Therefore, the Mayor of Lévis will attend this meeting virtually.

Everything indicates that this meeting will be held at the beginning of next week, even if none of the parties concerned has specified a specific day.

We have known for several months that the CDPQi report will be published in June. Last January, the newspaper specified that this document would be unveiled before Saint Jean-Baptiste Day.

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Levisian opposition rebels

Opponent Serge Bonin, president of Renson Levis and a candidate for mayor in 2025, said he was “surprised” and “disappointed” by Mayor LeHoullier's absence.

“It's a bad time to take personal leave. I find it very important to be present at the meeting (with CDPQi). If he's not there, it's because he sees it as perhaps less important than anything else. I find it a shame, because we are here to defend our city In this grand mobility plan.

According to him, “The future of mobility is absolutely necessary and inevitable. The mayor will be at a distance. It's not quite the same thing.

While Mr. Bonin stressed that he did not want to “judge the agenda” of the mayor, he stressed that he “certainly” would have canceled his leave if he had found himself in the same situation as Mr. LeHoullier.

Note that Gilles Lhuillier will also miss the regular meeting on Monday 10 June of the Municipal Council of Lévis.

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