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Disappointed, Sarah-Maud explains why she stopped singing while performing with Stromae

Disappointed, Sarah-Maud explains why she stopped singing while performing with Stromae

Stromae performance in lineup star Academy Sunday evening did not go unnoticed.

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If the audience and academics praised the musical genius of the Belgian star, some followers have noticed a small snag in the song. the healthWhich the singer sang with Camellia and Sarah Maud.

At one point in the song, a few seconds of silence fell as Sarah-Maud had to sing.

In fact, after completing the first chorus, the Belgian singer continued to sing a few words before giving way to Sarah Maud, who remained silent. You would think that the singer simply forgot her words, but the autopsy with director Lara Fabian explained what happened.

“I know what happened, but I’d like you to tell us about it to the audience at home,” Lara told Sarah Maud after listening to the famous excerpt.


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“Yes, you forgot my words…” Sarah-Maud begins.


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but why? The Academy Director then explained that she had the opportunity to speak to Stromae backstage and that he had expressed his nervousness to her regarding the number. This small moment of tension was conveyed to him on stage, and when Sarah-Maud was going to start, he continued to sing, completely destabilizing the singer.

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Stromae also took the time to mention his mistake when he left the stage behind the scenes. “I blame myself, because I destabilized my academics.”


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For her part, and according to Lara Fabian, it wasn’t Sarah-Maud’s fault for not taking the ball and not being able to make up for the singer’s little mistake.

“Someone stepped on your toes, but you didn’t have the presence of mind to take over demon Just in time,” explains Lara Fabian.


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Unfortunately for Sarah Mudd, her clash with Stromae earned her a spot in the ratings this week.

Finally, we’ll have a quartet of Sarah Mudd, Elloy, Jeremy and Kristel in evaluation this week.

For his part, Julian’s performance did not go unnoticed by the main guest of the evening. Stromae took the time to remind Lara Fabian that Julian was indeed a real star. Which made him very happy.


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