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Disappeared 66 million years ago, will it be possible to bring dinosaurs back to life?

As of this Tuesday, it is now possible to purchase the skeletal remains of Trinity, Tyrannosaurus rex. But the most avid dinosaur enthusiasts would rather relive it with science, especially since the discovery of an Oviraptor egg in China. Will it ever be possible to see these prehistoric reptiles again?

Having a real Tyrannosaurus skeleton in your living room is no small feat and now it is possible, because the remains of Trinity are on sale this Tuesday for between six and eight million euros. But for people who are more passionate about dinosaurs, it’s clearly better to bring them back to life through science, avoiding a Jurassic Park-like scenario. Especially since an Oviraptor egg was just discovered in China, which raises the question of whether we’ll really be able to recreate a double focus or even a pterodactyl.

Walking among dinosaurs?

The researchers hope to be able to extract DNA from the incredibly well-preserved Oviraptor embryo, with the aim of resuscitating it, by inserting the extracted gene into the genome of birds or even reptiles. However, it is inconceivable that you will one day walk among dinosaurs like Steven Spielberg’s epic. It already seems unlikely that DNA could be extracted from a fossil dating back several million years, the oldest DNA sample in the fossil record dating back two million years.

After 7 million years, the genetic information will be completely gone, which reduces the chances of this happening. While waiting for reality to outpace imagination, it’s good to remember that, from the ostrich to the hen passing through the robin, our bird friends are descendants of dinosaurs.

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