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Didi is intercepting projects in the UK and Europe

Didi has decided to end plans to stop robot taxis in the UK and Western Europe. In fact, the company has been a licensee for Sheffield and the city of Manchester. However, he faces difficulties from Chinese authorities.

The Chinese technology company intends to offer its services in the UK and Western Europe as part of major expansion plans. But the rightshare is facing pressure from local authorities. These regulations made it difficult to stop Didi’s services in Europe.

Didi suspended deployment plans in the UK and Europe

Nana Was licensed to operate For its UK launch plans in Manchester, Salford and Sheffield. However, he put the project on hold. Although she did not disclose the reason for her decision, it may be related to the increased stress she is facing.

Chinese officials have begun to show interest in Didi After its IPO On the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), for $ 4.4 billion.

At the beginning of the month, the Chinese regulators Forced to remove DT from Apple Store. In fact, serious breaches of alleged personal information have been reported. Other app stores operating in China have also been ordered not to offer the DT processor.

On the other hand, there are Western governments The role played strengthened their oversight By Chinese companies in critical infrastructure. Especially networks and traffic. They fear possible state control.

Didi gets new investments

Didi’s representative said the company is constantly exploring other markets. She is in touch with key players in each of them and plans to launch her services at some point.

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With this in mind, Didi Consulted with the committee overseeing its European expansion. Basically, it’s about changing roles or identifying potential redundancies.

Not only that, but investors seem to have responded positively to Didi’s announcement because they expect a more flexible release in China. In fact, the company Raised billions of dollars From different companies. Tencent and Softbank. Didi shares rose 8.94%.

Last month, AutoX announced one of its main competitors “Gen5” of its robotics Absolutely driverless. AutoX has not yet expanded outside of China but has tested vehicles on public roads in California.