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Did the referee hurt Bakari division in Algeria?

Did the referee hurt Bakari division in Algeria?

Gambian referee Bakary Jasama was distinguished, during the second leg of the 2022 World Cup between Algeria and Cameroon on Tuesday evening, with his controversial decisions that disgusted the Algerian fans and Jamal Belmadi.

Twice, Islam Soleimani was denied a goal. First, the 49th minute of play, to an offside position. Then in the 98th minute, after the intervention of the VAR, the referee saw that the Algerian striker had helped himself to score the equalizer. Algeria was 1-0 down 20And the the moment.

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If the first rejection did not provoke reactions, then this is not the case for the second rejection, which provoked a state of misunderstanding among Algerian supporters. In the event leading up to the first Cameroonian goal, we see Cameroonian defender Issa Mandy holding the shirt as he pushes it. After this action, Mandy forcibly brought down his goalkeeper, Rais Mbolhi, allowing the Cameroon captain to score the first goal for his team.

Did the Gambian referee Kassama hurt the Algerian national team? And the former Algerian international player Jamal Hammoudi decided the goal, which deprived Soleimani of handball. He said the ruling was fair.

On the other hand, Hamoudi wonders why the referee did not refer to the VAR one of the times when Soleimani was attacked in the Cameroon penalty area. For Hammoudi, no doubt, there was something wrong with Soleimani. “This action could have changed the course of the match.”Jamal Hammoudi said in a statement to ALG24news.

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While Touba’s goal in extra time put Algeria on its way to the World Cup, the Cameroonians scored the winning goal in the 124th minute after the referee added 4 minutes of extra time. “4 minutes is too much, it’s not justified”, You notice Jamal Hammoudi, who qualifies as ” Error “ Judgment decision.

For his part, the referee and advisor of Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper, Jamal Sharif, considered that the decision to cancel the second goal, which Soleimani rejected, was justified and that the Algerian striker used his arm voluntarily to score. In the opinion of this advisor, the Algerian striker should have been punished.

If Soleimani’s goal for a hand was disallowed, netizens noticed another action in which a Cameroonian player made a manual foul without being blown.

Algerian fans also appealed the referee’s decisions over two contentious proceedings against Bellili in the Cameroon penalty area. In the first half, the Algerian winger fell twice to the opponent’s six yards, but the referee did not compensate. As for Djamel Cherif, Algeria was not denied sanctions during this meeting.

In a press conference after the match, Djamel Belmadi, coach of the national team, addressed harsh words to express his anger at the African referee and referees.

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“Now I can say it. Arbitration has not respected our country for a very long time. They (the referees) come to us and they do not respect us. We have never respected. They come here and that does not stop them from crushing us. They have no regard”did he say.