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Did Prince Harry have a relationship with Cameron Diaz?

Prince Harry has denied rumors that he was dating Cameron Diaz.

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In his new autobiography, alternativeThe Duke of Sussex was targeted by articles suggesting he was very close to the Charlie’s Angels actress in his twenties.

“They (the press) dug every relationship I had, every girl I’ve seen with, put it all in a blender, and hired ‘experts’, or rather charlatans, to try and make sense of it all,” he wrote, referring to the media’s focus on his sexuality in his twenties. Books about me have delved into my love life, and focused on every impending romantic failure.”

Then the 38-year-old prince addressed specific articles claiming he met up with the Hollywood actress several times at a London gym.

“I seem to remember an article detailing Cameron Diaz’s courtship. Harry couldn’t see myself with her,” the author reported. In fact, I couldn’t see myself with her, because we had never met. I wasn’t within 50 yards of Mrs. Diaz, which is proof. Post on that if you enjoy reading pure c**, then Royal Biographies is for you.”

King Charles III’s son is now married to the former actress suitMeghan, Duchess of Sussex, while Cameron Diaz is married to rocker Good Charlotte Benji Madden.

alternative It came out on Tuesday.