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Did Jeff Bezos have a siren that looked like his girlfriend attached to the bow of his $500 million yacht?

Did Jeff Bezos have a siren that looked like his girlfriend attached to the bow of his $500 million yacht?

Boating season, the time of year that happens whenever the weather is good enough to enjoy your yacht, has kicked off with billionaires. What are the activities of the yachting season? Dine, swim, relax, sunbathe and feel the ocean breeze in your hair. But for earthlings who will only watch yachts through a screen, the main activity of yachting season is mainly to look at pictures and compare billionaires’ big boats.

Eclipse yacht from Roman Abramovich A small submarine on board and two helipads. that Bernard Arnault It has a grand piano and a cinema room. The new yacht Jeff Bezos He also has a name – Koru – and three tall masts, but not only.

No Dutch built yacht would be complete without a Valkyrie at her bow. The one on Koru is very similar Lauren Sanchez, his girlfriend. Jeff Bezos hasn’t commented on his ship to the press, so anyone who is explicitly based on Lauren Sanchez’s face and body. Here, for example, is a theory daily Mail : “The winged goddess with rounded figures looks uncannily like … Mrs. Sanchez”.

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As a reminder, here’s the original Lauren Sanchez:

To declare their love, some prefer words or giving gifts. Still others prefer to build ultra-realistic statues of their love glory on their half-billion-dollar yacht.

In addition to a realistic statue of his companion, Jeff Bezos’ yacht has a swimming pool on the deck as well as a companion yacht, that is, a small inflatable boat (only 75 meters long) that serves as a helipad and as an airplane. Storage for entertaining, which follows the large yacht on its travels. After years of being built in the Netherlands, Jeff Bezos’ yacht was first seen cruising in the waters of the Balearic Islands, Spain, on Monday. The couple was photographed on the ship in swimsuits, enjoying the fruits of their patience.

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