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Dev Build 25309 introduces many new features and improvements in different areas of Windows 11

Dev Build 25309 introduces many new features and improvements in different areas of Windows 11

Development Building 25309 It will interest today’s insiders because it offers many improvements and features that cut across different areas of Windows 11. Some of the release’s notable contents include an improved audio mixer in Quick Settings, improvements in File Explorer, graphics, and typing. Here’s a quick summary of what to expect from build 25309:

Experience the audio mixer in quick settings. Microsoft made some changes to the audio mixer in this release, giving users a “modern” way to customize audio for different applications. Insiders can also try the new hotkey (WIN + CTRL + V) to easily operate the volume mixer.

Click on Keyboard settings. Microsoft is bringing back touch keyboard settings with a new drop-down menu with three options for controlling whether pressing a modifier control will trigger the touch keyboard (“Never”, “When keyboard is not connected”, ” always”).

Automatic color management. ACM or Hardware Accelerated System Level Color Management is now available to Insiders in the Developer Channel after being tested only on specially equipped SDR-qualified monitors in October of last year. It can be enabled by going to Settings > Display > Advanced Display > Automatically manage app color. It is important to note, however, that the feature has certain requirements.

Voice Access improvements. Microsoft also released these improvements in Windows 11 Overview of builds 22621.1391 and 22624.1391 For insiders in the beta channel. Here, the Redmond company introduced a redesigned built-in commands Help page and introduced a set of new text commands and editing commands. In addition, audio access extends to other English dialects, including English – UK, English – India, English – New Zealand, English – Canada, and English – Australia.

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The badge is in the start menu. It might not impress insiders, but yeah — Microsoft is trying new ways to present its services in the Start menu. In this release, the company continues to test different Start menu icon designs or wizards that display an option to back up your files using its cloud product. In addition, the test also includes testing of the new custom Second Chance Experience (SCOOBE) screen treatment out of the box.

Search bar in the taskbar. Microsoft has made minor improvements to the appearance of the taskbar search bar by making it more visible to help it stand out when Windows is set to a custom color mode.

Windows File Explorer App SDK release. This release gives Insiders a new “pizza” icon in the command bar, which indicates the Windows App SDK version of File Explorer and the switch from using WinUI 2 to WinUI 3.

Instant layouts. This release introduces a new handling of Snap layouts, which reduces the scroll time needed to invoke the popup menu when the user hovers over the max/Restore button in the application’s title bar. Microsoft Improvements will also allow you to insert the window icon of the application you are working in and add a descriptive title.

Windows monitor. Various remedies tried on Spotlight will be disabled due to some issues.

Improved Simplified Chinese handwriting recognition engine. The Simplified Chinese handwriting recognition engine is now faster and more accurate.

Responsive theme widgets. Gadgets will now follow the Windows theme (dark or light) by having a higher contrast ratio to make taskbar details more visible.

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New adjustment control. Microsoft has added a new option to choose what happens when you interact with your computer’s physical power controls. It’s on the Power & Battery settings page.