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Deux Rives Funeral Cooperative Announces Closure

Deux Rives Funeral Cooperative Announces Closure

The Coopérative funéraire des Deux Rives in Quebec announced a noon closure on Friday, affecting 110 of its union employees, to prevent last-minute cancellations of funerals as happened recently.

According to the employer, this decision follows the means of pressure exerted by the union. “There were funerals that were called off with a few minutes’ notice,” said David Emmond, the cooperative’s general manager, who said this situation has occurred on several occasions.

In the face of the distress caused by the deceased […] Faced with the vote to once again give the union a mandate for an indefinite general strike, we were forced, in order not to continue to be complicit in these actions that take clients hostage, to temporarily cut off our services.”

strike authorization

Negotiations underway since May 2021 did not allow Al-Muwafaq’s presence to make much progress.

“The management team is surprised to see the union choose the last resort, regardless of the specific context of funeral services,” said Mr Emmond.

The co-op will maintain a sufficient number of employees to be able to deliver ballot boxes to the missing and provide basic administrative services.

On Friday morning, employees of the Deux Rives funeral co-op adopted 92% of an indefinite general strike to mandate its use as and when required.

“At level [financier]Of course, we’ll have important requests because we’ve got some catching up to do. The cooperative is managed as it has been for fifteen years. It is a bit old. We are no longer there. “People are tired,” said Catherine Caron, president of the Dukes River Funeral Cooperative Workers (CSN).

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