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Destroying over a million doses of the COVID vaccine?

Destroying over a million doses of the COVID vaccine?

According to information obtained by TVA, one million doses of the COVID vaccine will expire next month.

So it is very likely that these potions will be destroyed, if not used in time.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, 107,000 doses have been destroyed due to their expiration date.

In Quebec, nearly 3 million doses of the COVID vaccine are currently available.

Specifically, 160,000 doses of Moderna’s vaccine will expire in June and 860,000 in July.

On the part of Pfizer, 400,000 doses will expire in October, and 1.1 million in November this year.

The Minister of Health, Christian Duby, is raising the possibility of some doses being returned to the federal government so they can be used.

“The main principle is a precautionary one. What the health commissioners have asked us is to have supplies to make sure we don’t run out. We told the federal government that if there were doses about to run out, we would be ready to send them out to keep them well stocked,” says Christian Dube.

He also confirmed that he had made sure that Quebec was getting enough doses for the vaccination campaign he wanted to carry out in the fall.

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