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Despite the controversy, Le Robert defended the addition of the word "iel" in its online edition

Despite the controversy, Le Robert defended the addition of the word “iel” in its online edition

general manager of publishing RobertCharles Pimpnett, on Wednesday, defended the addition of the non-gender pronoun “iel” to the online version of his prestigious dictionary, after criticism leveled by the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer.

In a tweet he wrote on Tuesday, Mr Blanquer gave his support to majority deputy Francois Jolivier, who denounced the introduction of this word, used mainly by the young audience, in a letter to the French Academy.

“I obviously support @FJolivet36’s protest towards #PetitRobert. Comprehensive writing is not the future of the French language. Although our students are in the process of solidifying their basic knowledge, they cannot have it as a reference.

In a press release published on the website of RobertCharles Pimpnett confirms the addition of the word “iel” in his online version “a few weeks ago,” and is defending himself against any activity.

If he realizes that the use of this word is “still relatively poor”, he explains that “for several months, the authors of Robert» It was found to be used more and more.

Moreover, the meaning of the word “iel” cannot be understood from its only reading […], and it seemed to us useful to define its meaning for those who satisfy it, whether they wish to use it or vice versa…refuse it”, he writes.

As a reminder that “important Robert is to observe the development of the French language in movement and variety and to describe it.” “Identify words that mean the world helps to understand them better.”

“No offense to some, Robert It did not suddenly develop acute coccyx, an opaque word [pas encore défini, NDLR]Which we promise you soon.”

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