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DeSantis on top of the Republicans?: 'These policies make me think of Iranian ayatollahs'

DeSantis on top of the Republicans?: ‘These policies make me think of Iranian ayatollahs’

The prospect of seeing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leading the Republican Party into the next presidential election in 2024 is no longer alluring, according to a former Quebec Solidere spokesperson.

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When I read his policies over the past few years, it made me think of Iranian ayatollahs. This is the year 2021, with a decree that wants to dictate what will be taught in schools. It was he who, a few years ago, enacted a policy requiring university students and professors to declare their political orientation. I think I hear the Ministry of Good Ethics of the Ayatollahs regime in Iran,” Amir Khidr recalls.

Even if Mathieu Boc-Côté does not share the same ideas with Americans, he believes that we must strive to understand why our neighbors to the south lag behind us politically.

“I must strive to understand their point of view, to see why they see the world in a different way than I do. Likewise, I think with respect to American Republicans. We should strive to understand them. Why do they see the world that way?”

Watch the full explanation in the video above.

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