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DEPECHE INFO.  Toulouse: At the age of 16, he had a heart attack after his first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine

DEPECHE INFO. Toulouse: At the age of 16, he had a heart attack after his first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine

A teenager from Haute-Garonne suffered from heart disease after his first injection of an anti-viral vaccine. His mother sounds the alarm so that parents are alert to symptoms.

“It was as if I was drowning thorns in my heart.” Gabrielle*, the 16-year-old from Haut-Garonne, and his mother, Anne*, are “angry and anxious”. Since his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine was injected, the teen has been suffering from myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle. “Because he’s so athletic, his basketball club required a health clearance. On 9/11, he received his first dose of Pfizer, says Ann. Two days later, he was in high school where he was educated at Premiere. During the day, he called me. He was Very sick at heart. The nurse told him it was nothing, and he would be fine.”

Indeed, the symptoms are regressing. “Two days later, he’s still in high school, starting over. He said it was like someone was crushing his heart. We told him to breathe, it’s okay.” Again, Gabriel’s health is improving, but forty-eight hours later, she is starting to recover. “He was in pain at home. He bent down and grabbed his chest. It dissolved. After a minute, I realized gravity.”

The family consults the attending physician, who immediately refers them to a cardiologist. The latter stipulates that exams be held on Saturday mornings. “In the afternoon, I got a phone call from the lab that showed the results. They told me to take Gabriel to the emergency room immediately.” Verdict: The troponin level is very high. “In Astor’s emergency room, he was hospitalized. They kept it. The rate continued to rise. If he had not been hospitalized, it is not known what would have happened. He had a heart infection from the vaccine. It is written in black and white. He was treated for three months and banned from exercising for a month. When poorly treated, there is a risk of stroke or heart attack.”

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‘It’s a double penalty’

Today Gabriel is doing well and is expected to resume basketball next week. “I’m afraid that will bring me back,” he says. “I’m not anti-vaccine at all but we should warn other parents to be attentive,” insists Ann. In their testimony, the doctors specify: “In this context of serious negative effects after vaccination, we reserve contraindications for giving a second dose.”

After talks with Social Security, Gabriel obtained a “health permit”. The latter prevents him from leaving France. “It’s a double penalty. He had to go to Valencia for basketball and to London with his sister.” Gabrielle’s family, advised by Me Bénédicte Guettard, is considering action. “It’s for public health,” the lawyer said.