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DEP changed their lives for the better: a fresh start for this young Cameroonian

DEP changed their lives for the better: a fresh start for this young Cameroonian

Like many immigrants, vocational training changed the life of Armel Yonzoua Kuibou, a young Cameroonian who is now well established in Shawinigan.

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Armel grew up in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon. He had long dreamed of coming to study in Quebec, where his older sister has been living since 2010.

After receiving several diplomas, including a degree in electrical engineering, he decided to engage in vocational training in industrial mechanics, to fill some gaps in his training.

“With us, the training is more theoretical. We don’t really have access to the equipment to develop the practical side,” he says.

Single course

Armel first set foot in Quebec in December 2019, at the start of winter, and began training a few weeks later at Carrefour Formation Morrissey in Shawinigan.

Armel Yonzoa Kwibo, originally from Cameroon, studied industrial mechanics in Shawinigan.

Images courtesy, INFOROUTE FPT

The epidemic plays the role of a spoiler quickly, but despite everything, he will be able to complete his 1,800-hour program in just over a year thanks to a single course, while the estimated duration is from 17 to 22 months.

“There are certain concepts that I have already seen in the courses, but with the technical aspect of training here, it has allowed me to better grasp several concepts,” he said.

Getting into work

He now works full time as an industrial mechanic at a local paint recycling company, a job that allows him to make a good living and plan ahead.

In addition to saving to buy a house, he eventually wants to start a business and become his own business owner.

“I am really happy with my trip and what I have been able to achieve here,” he said.

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