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Denis Durand Fashion Show and Fashion Academy at Espace Cherries in Grasse

On Saturday 28 May 2022, Espace Chiris welcomed a large crowd to the occasion of the first Denis Durand fashion show of Académie Couture, which was completed by a retrospective of his 1987-2017 haute couture collections as well as his new ‘Suite 54’ collection.

Denis Durand Couture Academy – Fashion Week atmosphere to showcase the creations by first and second year students of the Denis Durand Académie School of Fashion Design, located in Grasse.
At the opening, the audience could appreciate the vocal talent of opera singer Sonya Jensen. The fashion show began with models presenting first-year models Delphine Maitreinri, Chantal Tuban and Celia Bouvier, followed by second-year student groups Elora Crozier, Andrea Fombaron, Ksenia Hodemaker and Marie-Laure Hodemaker. The show was met with applause from the audience who were seduced by the quality and originality of the presented clothes.
After a new performance by Sonja Jensen, models walked the catwalk with key pieces from the collections presented by the fashion designer between 1987 and 2017. Then, DJ Grace, holding her white wings, launched the show of the new collection with a wild rhythm. Elegance, boldness and sophistication.
Surrounded by his models, Denis Durand came to greet the large and enthusiastic audience.

The make-up was the work of Valerie Dumont, the expert hands of Dominique Peron and Gregory Pelician created the hairstyles, and the jewelry came from Orus bijoux.

The Denis Durand collection is presented at the Denis Durand Académie concept store at 17 rue Marcel Journet in Grasse

About the Denis Durand Couture Academy
The school offers a two-year course that allows students to learn how to make, cut and assemble models for haute couture and made-to-measure manufacturing. Thus, students can create their own fashion collection and earn a living from their profession.
Tuition fees can be funded by the AIF (Aide Individuelle à la Formation).
Contact: 06 27 22 36 65 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots and spambots. You must enable JavaScript to view it.

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