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Demonstrators Protest Jair Bolsonaro's Defeat

Demonstrators Protest Jair Bolsonaro’s Defeat

Several roads remained closed in Brazil on Monday, while security was beefed up at the end of the day in Brasilia, in anticipation of the possible arrival of demonstrators protesting against Jair Bolsonaro’s defeat in Sunday’s presidential election.

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The Public Security Secretariat of the Federal District of Brasilia (SSP/DF) indicated that it had imposed restrictions on vehicle entry “preventively for security reasons”, in the Three Powers Square, which houses the Presidential Palace, the Supreme Court and Parliament, near the massive Ministries Square, the meeting place in the capital.

“The action was taken after a possible demonstration held at this venue was identified on social networks,” adds the police.

Highways in at least 16 states (out of 27) recorded blockages during the night and Monday morning, according to the Federal Traffic Police (PRF). He notes that “47 handicap points” remain, including the highway linking Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the country’s economic capital.

France Press agency

On this axis, in Barra Mansa, a hundred kilometers from Rio, an infinite number of vehicles were stationary, including many trucks.

The PRF is present, amidst protesters clearly showing their affiliation with the defeated Bolsonaro camp at the polls, with posters of their leader or wearing the yellow-green jersey of the national football team.

“We will not accept losing what we have won so far. What we want is for what is written on our flag: ‘order and progress.’ We will not accept the situation as it is,” said protester Antoniel Almeida, 45, who wears thin glasses, referring to the elections. , referring to the elections.

Bolsonaro “was removed from his throne by force, and we will bring him back to power with the strength that we, the group of truckers, have,” adds Izekias, a 40-year-old truck driver, with the hood fastened on his head. , who only wished to give his first name.

On the verge of protest, the press was threatened by protesters. The journalists regrouped and chose to leave.

In the southern state of Santa Catarina, where Jair Bolsonaro garnered widespread support, a few dozen protesters wearing yellow T-shirts, Brazilian flags and posters bearing the president’s face blocked a highway with trucks and other vehicles.

According to an AFP photographer, while singing the national anthem, they were reluctant to reveal their identity or speak to the press.

Several crossing points in the agricultural state of Mato Grosso (Central West), which voted mainly for the president of the far-right, closed in the morning “by burning tires and various vehicles”, such as trucks, cars and vans, announced the franchise Rota Oeste, director of highways in this state .

France Press agency

In the state of Parana (south), which is also inhabited by Bolsonaris, the EPRDF said it had returned traffic to at least eight crossing points in the early hours of the morning, but a group of protesters continued their movements elsewhere.

More than 20 hours after the official result, Jair Bolsonaro has yet to acknowledge Lula’s victory, unlike many of his allies in the government and many foreign heads of state.

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After losing by a narrow margin (50.9%-49.1%), the president remained in office until January 1, the date of the transfer of power, spent the day at the Planalto presidential palace in Brasilia, and then returned at the end of the day. An AFP photographer pointed to the official residence of Alvorada.