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Demidov available in fifth grade: 'I hear things'

Demidov available in fifth grade: 'I hear things'

Ivan Demidov's name began to spread more and more in Montreal.

We don't know what will happen during choices #2 to #4…

But the common observation at the moment is this: Demidov could drop to fifth place, an idea that will please many CH supporters.

The choices haven't been made yet, but that doesn't mean CEOs aren't talking to each other.

Grant McCague, who has his plugs in the NHL, confirms that he “hears things”…

And Demidov could really be available when CH has to opt for the 5th spot:

I hear things.

I've heard (from multiple sources) that Chicago might take Levshunov at No. 2…and we're hearing about Silayev at No. 3. -Grant McCague

McCague adds…

Because, according to him,Sick Podcast), it's no coincidence that Kayden Lindstrom and Beckett Sicknick are going to dinner with the Blue Jackets, who will be speaking in the fourth grade:

We often say that, but everything will depend on the decisions that the clubs will make before CH.

Maclin Celebrini will – without a doubt – be the No. 1 overall pick in the next draft…

But then it's really blurry.

We'll hear different things between now and June 28, and that's the case every year.

On the other hand, the name of Ivan Demidov (who may not be playing in the Premier League next year) is making more and more noise in the city at the moment which makes some sense because if he is available, he will fill needs. Kent Hughes and the Canadian.

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After all, the CH GM is looking to add a talented striker to his roster and Demidov is the perfect man to make it happen.

He is viewed as an offensive player who has the potential to be a star in the NHL…

If Kent Hughes can get fifth, it could have a positive impact on the future.

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