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defender under the radar

defender under the radar

When we make a list of Canadians’ best hopes in defence, we think of Kaiden Guhle, Jordan Harris, Justin Barron, Logan Mailloux, Arber Xhekaj or Lane Hutson. On the other hand, we don’t think much of Jayden Strobel. According to one veteran NHL scout, we should keep an eye on him.

This was mentioned by Jimmy Murphy from Montreal hockey now. In a recent text, he conveyed the words of the recruiter in question, who did not praise Struble.

“Don’t underestimate Jaden Strobel. I’ve watched this guy since his days at St. Sebastian (High School in Needham, Massachusetts), and have loved his calm and control over the past couple of years. He’s always been a young, passionate guy and it shows a lot, but he’s directing it better now.” — Unknown NHL veteran scout, via Jimmy Murphy

Those words are accompanied by what was said by former coach of Strobel, Jim Madigan, who found who made it clear last April that the youngster had a long way to go, but traveled it wonderfully.

“For Jayden, he needs to develop his willingness and discipline; and I’m not talking about penalties, but about discipline and routine to improve your game in order to be successful in the NHL. He has really improved a lot in that aspect.” — Jim Madigan, Northeastern Athletic Director, by Jimmy Murphy

Another good news is that in addition to improving his work ethic, Jayden Struble also improves by taking on more responsibilities. This year, the 20-year-old defender got the chance to wear an “A” on his jersey. A brand that proves its dedication.

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Some find that his aggressive production has been a hit. He’s showing, yes, but since arriving at Northeastern he’s been a true versatile defender who can tear NHL teams apart.

Of course, Strobel will want to make his mark in Montreal, but he will have to make the decision to join the professional ranks first. In the latest news, The American Defense Man will return to the Northeast for a fourth year in the NCAA. If he decides to return to the NCAA, we’ll see him again in a year, as college players are not allowed to participate in NHL training camps.

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