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Defence: How France polices space

Defence: How France polices space

Exercise AsterX 2023 (here, in Toulouse on March 10) simulated for the first time operations in space in concert with traditional maneuvers on land, sea and air. Lafarge Raphael / Abaca / Lafarge Raphael / Abaca

Termination – The Space Command Center surveys the sky “H24” just like the military activity of the space forces.

There is no relief or colors. Only states silhouette is drawn on a black background. On this vast map that occupies the entire wall, some points of interest are indicated: radars or launch sites, for example. On that day, SpaceX is preparing for a launch from the United States. It’s the routine. Elon Musk’s company launches its rockets about every four days. In Russia, another countdown to the Soyuz rocket has begun. Chinese sites are also indicated. Beijing often sends launch orders late, but air traffic notices are often sufficient. This is a commercial footage. But they could also carry military loads. When it comes to space, the two worlds intersect. From the line, a schematic orbital arc crosses this globe. As in the timeline, overflights of several satellites of interest, both French and foreign, are listed…

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